what people are saying....

Red Jenny and the Boys ‘lit it up’ at the Old Church yesterday. Jen Cook, with her ‘saucy’ angel voice, is one of those smart performers who knows you can’t just do it with great pipes alone. Her back ups, Bob Hewus on double bass and Doug Balfour on keyboards, stepped up with precise break out solos on almost every tune. Their playing elevated the show. Doug also provided some terrific roundhouse backup vocals, giving the intimate full house a jazz club vibe. A couple of generous encore numbers cemented this trio as another ‘must see’, band and what better place on a Sunday afternoon than the Old Church?"                                                                                           ~ Lesley Bonisteel, Old Church Theatre

"Full disclosure: I have the pleasure and privilege of collaborating with Jen in another musical adventure; she is a virtuoso human being and singer. That said, and at the risk of sounding overly gushy:  Jen Cook is a singer’s singer. Her voice can be sweet, sensual, seductive, bold, brassy and bluesy. Her delivery is always heartfelt and powerful.  She draws her repertoire from a variety of musical genres, it includes an eclectic mix of familiar singable songs, old chestnuts and some obscure gems.  Her stage presence is genuinely upbeat, engaging and humourous. She’s got stories, and a contagious laugh.

The interplay between Jen and “The Boys” is a treat to watch and listen to, no “phoning it in” here. Pianist Doug Balfour and bassist Bob Hewus are strong tasteful players, both in supporting the singer and as soloists. Performances by “Red Jenny and The Boys” are spirited and spontaneous, every show exhibits a high level of musicality and a few surprises. I highly recommend you catch one sometime.  Now if we could just convince Jen to scat a little..."                                         ~ Eric Jackson, bass player

"Thanks for being such an important part of yesterday's show.  The audience has loved you each time you've performed with us.  They're very vocal about it.  The band is effusive about your singing also and that isn't something that we see often."                                       ~ Duncan Fremlin, leader of Whiskey Jack

"An evening with Red Jenny is like  having an old friend you have not seen for years come sit beside you and kiss you on the cheek.  Her voice combs through your emotions while her lyrics cradle your heart. Soft yet solid back up from The Boys adds the final touch to a perfect date night experience. Songs with passion as sung by a pro.  Good friends don't let you down and neither will Red Jenny & The Boys."       ~ Ken Allison, Spirit Signs

"Thanks for a great night.  I really loved your musical choices, and your band, perfect swooning lovey dovey day music :)​"                                        ~ Joanne Clayton, Relish Bar & Grill

“Jen Cook is a wonderful performer with an unbelievable set of pipes that can make you cry, make you laugh, and draw you in.  Her mix of styles are so perfectly suited to her voice that you would think she wrote the songs herself.  Watching Red Jenny & The Boys perform, you never feel like a passive audience member, but rather part of a great conversation with a friend.”  

“Since I'm not a very emotional person, I have a hard time describing my feelings. Your rendition of Amazing Grace filled my soul, I don't think I could ever describe how moved I was.”

“Again, I have to tell you how thoroughly I enjoyed your performance.... so.... completely whole, fulfilled and vibrant.”

"Sassy + sultry + beautifully balanced musicianship = please sir may we have more?  The audience cannot help but feel part of the fun that this trio is having."  

"One of the greatest voices and people I know - thanks for making my day Jen!"

                                         ~ Sue, beautiful bride